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Enid Petherick — Review

Enid Petherick’s exhibit – “Songs of Joy” - is a study in exuberance and a testament to the strength and resilience of the human spirit. Enid has lived since childhood with a chronic back condition and in 1985, she survived colon cancer. These experiences have given her a deep awareness of what a wonderful thing “just living” is. Her artwork certainly expresses a joy and zest for life.

Bird Song, one of the paintings in her exhibit, is a painting of an oriental cagebird and its song. The bird has escaped from its cage and sings jubilantly of its freedom. Butterfly Ecstasy is another excellent example of Enid’s vibrant expressions of the joy and ecstasy of being free.

Enid’s paintings are not literal renderings of her subjects, but are an attempt to “capture” “the essence of things.” Landscape has always been a major focus, but the artist has also developed a unique and evocative figurative style. Recently she has been combining the two.

In Red/Green Figurative Landscape we see reclining male and female forms. Their out-lines make the mountains and their bodies embrace the solidity of the earth. This painting links the power and strength of landscape with the indomitable spirit of humankind.

Common throughout all Enid’s works are vibrant color, a sense of movement and a deep and profound respect for nature.